Mason Borda is a software developer at BitGo, founder of GitMoney and the Ethereum Wallet Etherli. In his spare time, the developer loves the challenges and innovations in the Bitcoin universe. That’s why he also hosted the 21hackathons.

Bitcoin secret fan for a long time

Borda is now making a name for himself with a new thing in his CV: he ordered the new Tesla Model 3 for 2.413612 Bitcoin. In his own article on onlinebetrug about Bitcoin secret scam, the developer describes the pre-ordering of his new electric car.

When he first read about Bitcoin secret, Borda writes, he learned about the release of the Tesla Roadster. That was in 2007, when he looked at the technical specifications and asked himself: How is it possible to undercut the acceleration time of the current Ferrari model from 0 to 100 km/h with an electric car? He considered this an unsolvable task. But the riddle made him doubt it on the one hand and on the other hand it aroused his interest for this technical challenge.

Borda developed charging stations himself
Borda wanted to know exactly and joined the Automotive Development Work Group at his college. He quickly led a team in the development of a charging station for mobile electric cars that were commercially developed. He regularly organized excursions to the Tesla Motors company where he enjoyed his first ride in the Tesla Roadster. This trip took place in 2010 and triggered pure enthusiasm at Borda.

How the developer came across Bitcoins

Today, in 2016, a lot has changed in Borda’s life. He has now discovered Bitcoins, a currency he is so convinced of that he constantly uses and even works for a company in this sector of the Fintech industry. Borda orders his Tesla with Bitcoins
So Borda decided without further ado: he wanted to pay the pre-order fee for the Tesla Model 3 with Bitcoins.

Said, done: Of course, the car manufacturer did not accept Bitcoins directly as a means of payment. That’s why he had to find another way. Borda came across Shakepay, a provider that offers “disposable credit cards” that can be loaded with Bitcoins. So he had loaded enough credit on the card without further ado and then made his pre-order with this credit card. As he himself says, this took him less than 60 seconds.

“Unspectacular” – one could say when reading how Borda really pre-ordered his Tesla. After all, he didn’t pay Bitcoins to Tesla, but used a credit card previously loaded with Bitcoins for payment. The “experiment” nevertheless shows something different:

He ordered a car that he had neither touched nor seen before and that is powered by electrons flying through copper cables. He paid for this order with a disposable card, loaded with a currency whose inventor is unknown and only appears under a pseudonym.

This is how Mason Borda himself describes it in his own article in English.